There are social and mental effects related with the use of alcohol. Some of these effects include but will not be exclusively for the under-listed:

Social effects

Social effects are connected with the best way the individual’s interactions using the society are affected.
1. Body odour: Alcohol odour might be disgusting; those who rely upon alcohol reek of that smell consequently might find it challenging to socialize with friends and they will usually be avoided.
2. Absenteeism from your work: Alcoholism is related to absenteeism from job or normal duties, as put simply it makes the person think less of his/her social responsibilities. Alcoholics lose their jobs often because of habitual lateness to operate or complete absence from duty posts from time for them to time.
3. Crime: Crime is many times related to alcohol. Crimes comparable to Rape, automobile accidents, murder, traffic offences, theft, etc are most times committed drunk, because of its power to make one lose self-control.
4. Poor hygiene: Alcoholism also results in neglect of private hygiene – poor dental care, leaving hair unkempt, dirty clothes, etc thereby making the person prone to diseases.
5. Marital breakdown: Marital problems corresponding to assault, wife battery, child abuse, etc are a big number of times due to effect of alcohol. The outcome of that conflicts is divorce, child neglect and wife neglect.

Mental effects

Some of the mental old alcohol use include:
1. Memory defect: The partner gets memory defect and would many times confabulate (produce fictitious memories, and relate experiences which are untrue top off the gaps in memory loss). This becomes worse with time if he does not stop alcohol. He might as well are afflicted by nightmares.

2. Apprehension: He could very well become unconditionally fearful and restless.
3. Impulsiveness: The person becomes impulsive and acts rashly even when there is no you have to do so. He might also have incoherence of speech which people find challenging to understand.
4. Hallucination: This can be a false perception during which he believes he sees, hears, smells, tastes, or feels a subject or person whereas in actual sense there isn’t a evidence to justify his claims. The man or woman may also feel some crawling sensations over the skin.

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