Drug abuse and abolition of drugs are classified as the growing problems within the society today. Drug abuse means going on a psychoactive or performance enhancing substance that directly influences the working of your nervous system. Drugs abuse could cause many problems, simply not only related to health, but also socialism and morality. Most people fall to drug abuse in the course of their college life, as kids or teenagers. The most important consumers of medicine are young adults and teenagers.

There are many explanations for falling for drug abuse and having hooked on drugs. An individual, who has problems with low self worth, is emotionally unstable and needs relief from mental pain; hence, he/she usually goes for drugs. Men and women don’t have enough self-resilience to handle pain or stress, depression and loneliness, and locate drugs a helpful way to escape the situation. Only a one-time use of medicine can cause drug addiction.

On of the attributes that increase drug abuse risk is family history; if one of the relations is using drugs then plus it influences the other members. An untreated physical pain or mental illnesses, like anxiety or depression, can even up the risk of drug abuse. One of the common reasons for drug abuse is peer pressure. Teenagers and adolescents usually experience drug addiction due to look pressure. Peer pressure means the stress to fit in a gaggle, to be liked or be popular. Sometimes teenagers try drugs because they are curious, or just because “everyone is doing it”. Peer pressure can make one indulge in activities and do items that one would not do in normal conditions.

People, due to look pressure, leave their principles, common sense, responsibility and morals behind, and do what their friends like them to do. With peer pressure, it becomes very challenging to decline a wish to drugs. But, it is essential to be aware about the educational one makes, common sense, beliefs and feelings about drugs, before trying it. Only if one is strong and assured, resisting the peer pressure and avoiding drug use becomes easier. Following are some ways to disregard peer pressure taking drugs:

1. Have a lover or peer who backs you up when everyone seems to be pressurizing you to accept drugs. When you have this sort of peer, who says no to drugs too, leaving the agency and resisting the peer pressure becomes much easier. Party that share your values, respect your boundaries and are ready to leave together with you whenever you find out to.

2. In case your friend or even your group is pressuring you, you should consider asking for a guidance because of an elder. Actually talking to an elder, parent, teacher or counsellor can provide you with quite a lot of confidence in yourself. They may also provide you with tips and assist you in making new friends.

3. Set your individual limits and boundaries, and speak up and communicate each of them your folks, whenever possible. They may tease you, but most of the people respect the boundaries others have drawn for themselves. If they still force you and pressurize you, don’t be intimidated to you go out the group.

4. Studies have proven that folks are in a parent-adolescent relationship and knowing a robust family structure can make it easier to avoid peer pressure to take drugs.

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